Vtompay Company Ltd was incorporated as a limited liability company on the 5th day of September 2017. And had its certificate to commence business on 5th day of September 2017 to create a cashless system of payment in the Transport and Oil sector and beyond, with its main objective of providing a system which will enable the ordinary Ghanaian have total control on their money through a cashless mode of payments for all goods and services. Vtompay enhances the payment systems in every area of business, especially in the transport and oil sector, through the use of POS devices and QR code scan to pay system. This will eliminate the human interference in the handling of physical cash, and the robbery that occurs frequently in these sectors. We believe that through this payment system, the transport sector will grow into an organized form, to create more jobs in the country. We would have no dealings in the existing operations of any transport union, all that we seek is their partnership in providing our services through them, to the car owners to help them get value for their investment in the transport sector and the passengers also. Vtompay is a Ghanaian Company, registered as a Limited Liability Company under the Companies Code, Act 1963 to engage in general fleet management services and marketing of fuel and gas products in the advanced way and a payment system through the use of technology.